Five Simple Stretches That Will Relieve Neck Pain

Five Simple Stretches That Will Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain has become common in recent times. The culprit is modern technologies like laptops and smart phones, which encourage users to spend hours and hours craning their necks downwards Neck pain is, of course, the inevitable result. If you are one of the many millions who suffers from neck pain, you know how important relief is.

However, rather than popping a painkiller or even opting for surgery, a better, healthier, and more natural solution is to practice simple, effective neck stretches and exercises. See below for the five best neck stretches for neck pain. Begin each stretch from a neutral position (head centered directly above the neck), start slowly, and remember to stop if you experience significant pain. Since all of these stretches are relatively simple, they are perfect for office breaks or other spare moments.

1. Chin tuck. Slowly move your head downwards until your chin is in a tuck position. Apply gentle pressure with your hand at the back of your head as you draw near completion. As soon as you feel a gentle pull in the back of your neck, stop moving and hold that position for twenty seconds Perform this exercise by either standing or sitting up, or by lying on your back for extra resistance from gravity.

2. Front-neck stretch. The front of the neck can be difficult to work, but this stretch will do the trick. Simply pull your head gradually back, looking up as you do so. Stop moving as soon as you begin experiencing a pull in the front of your neck. Then, hold for twenty seconds. Help keep your head in place by pressing slightly on your forehead with one hand.

3 Sitting side pull. You must perform this stretch sitting in a chair. Begin by placing one of your hands under your thigh, so that it is held in place. Then, pull your head to the opposite side of your body. You will feel a great stretch along your neck down to your shoulder. While you could simply pull your neck to the side on its own, anchoring your arm (and thereby your shoulder) in place makes for a much more effective stretch. Remember to repeat on each side.

4. Rotation. This exercise will work muscles deeper inside of your neck, since the entire neck is being moved. Turn your head to one side until you are looking past your shoulder. Stay in this spot for twenty seconds. Next, return to the starting position and repeat the stretch on the other side. Remember to move smoothly and slowly, since suddenly jerking your neck to the side can be dangerous

5. Shoulder blade squeeze. From a sitting or standing position in which your back is held straight, push your shoulder blades together towards each other. Move
gradually. When you’ve gone as far as you can, hold steady for five seconds. Re peat this stretch five times. While you will probably feel this stretch mostly in your shoulders and upper back, the exercise still does a lot to strengthen and loosen your neck as well – especially since the shoulders, back, and neck are intimately connected.

While some might have doubts about how effective a few simple stretches and exercises can really be, such cynicism is misplaced. Exercises and stretches like those described above are a natural way to treat neck pain, which is usually caused by weak, tense, over-worked muscles. Strengthening and stretching your neck muscles will help solve this problem, thereby reducing your neck pain.

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