7 Health Hacks for Autumn and Winter

7 Health Hacks for Autumn and Winter

Now that the air is getting cooler, many people spend more time inside of their homes than outside. After all, the days are so much shorter that it is often difficult to find daylight hours to go jogging, cycling or walking. It is important, though, to find ways to stay in shape as the upcoming holiday season approaches with tempting treats that are likely to add a few pounds to the scale. Here are seven health hacks you can use to feel good this fall and winter.

new-routine1. Develop a New Fitness Routine

Although you can join the local gym to get some exercise, it isn’t necessary to do so. Figure out a few new exercises that you can do at home, including planks, running in place, and jumping rope. Alternatively, you might want to purchase an exercise bike or treadmill that you can set up in the basement.

2. Choose Seasonal Produce

Did you know that out-of-season veggies and produce tend to have a higher percentage of pesticide use than in-season varieties? It’s true. Plus, in-season fruits and vegetables have better flavor, better color, and better prices Do yourself a favor and choose produce that is in season whenever possible. You can recognize it easily because stores tend to have a lot of it in stock and usually place it in the front of the produce section.

3. Take “Me” Time

Stressful situations occur all year long, and they can be extremely detrimental to your health. Take the time to minimize your stress levels regularly and you reduce the chances of becoming overwhelmed by life as it happens around you. Do something that is solely for you every week play hand ball with friends, take a long bath, meditate, read, or watch a silly movie.

pay-attention-to-what-you-eat4. Pay Attention to What You Eat

How many times have you opened a bag of potato chips only to discover that you nearly finished eating its contents without even realizing what you were doing? Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or simply maintain your existing weight, it is important to pay attention to what you are eating. Consider the healthiness of your choices and try and improve your selections in nutritional value.

5. Find Oil Substitutes

Whether you are baking or cooking, oils are usually involved. Consider using applesauce or mashed bananas in place of oils when baking and virgin coconut oil or
extra-virgin olive oil instead of corn, safflower, or soybean oil when cooking. Doing so can help to reduce unhealthy levels of LDL cholesterol, providing health-enhancing benefits.

6. Improve Your Intake of Vitamin D

Even with the bright rays of summer sunshine, people tend to become vitamin D deficient. The increasing use of sunscreen products minimizes the absorption of this vital nutrient. During the fall and winter, you need to incorporate foods rich in this vitamin in order to boost your levels Consider taking a vitamin supplement as long as you check with your physician first.

8-glasses-a-day7. Get Your 8 Glasses a Day

By now, you’ve probably heard the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Your body needs water to survive. It also needs water to function properly. If you want to stay healthy throughout the year, try and get your full eight glasses a day. It’s important to recognize that caffeinated beverages counteract your efforts to hydrate. Try and limit your coffee and tea each day to a single cup whenever possible.

Staying healthy all year long involves a lot of different strategies, including exercising eating healthy meals, and finding ways to relax. All of these activities are
important if you want to look and feel your best at all times. Use as many strategies as you can to get fit and stay healthy so you can enjoy life as much as possible.

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