7 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, but there have been many debates regarding its effect on people’s health. While some people avoid coffee, claiming that it can raise their blood pressure, upset their stomach, give them the jitters or keep them awake all night, it’s really not that bad for you. Coffee actually has many short- and long-term health benefits. Here are just some of the ways that both regular and decaffeinated coffee can benefit your health.

benefits-of-coffee1. It improves athletic performance.

Coffee can be considered a performance-boosting power drink. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, athletes who drank coffee prior to training or competition in events involving stamina, such as running, performed faster and longer than their non-coffee drinking counterparts. The study suggested that coffee increases adrenaline production, which primes the body for physical exertion.

2. It improves your mood.

According to a study conducted by National Institutes of Health, people who drink coffee regularly are less depressed than those who don’t. It increases the production of the hormones dopamine and noradrenalin, which have mild antidepressant effects. Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health looked at data covering a 20-year span and found that the coffee drinkers had lower rates of depression and suicide, but also getting in shape can help help, stated by santeregimerevue.fr.

3. It lowers the risk of heart disease.

Despite containing caffeine, a stimulant, coffee contains many beneficial substances and antioxidants that lower the risk of heart disease. The same Harvard study showed that coffee drinkers have a 15% lower risk of heart disease, possibly because coffee contains magnesium and other compounds that reduce inflammation and improve blood flow.

4. It contains antioxidants.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants, which help your body fight diseases, infections and even some forms of cancer. Antioxidants protect cells in from the damage caused by pollution, radiation, smoking and chemical exposure. Additionally, the roasting process produces compounds called melanoidins which are believed to have
anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

coffee-benefits5. It protects your liver.

A study conducted at the University of Southampton concluded that coffee is good for your liver – the subjects who drank the most coffee per day had the lowest incidence of cirrhosis. Preliminary research in mice indicates that some compounds in coffee may reverse fatty liver disease.

6. It improves brain function.

The antioxidants in coffee can also help stimulate brain function, prevent cognitive decline and delay or even prevent Alzheimer’ 5 disease. Researchers at the University of South Florida found that elderly people who regularly drank at least three cups of coffee per day maintained their cognitive function longer and were less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

7. It has anti-aging effects.

Since coffee is rich in antioxidants, it helps to fight the signs of aging by improving the rate of cellular re pair. this rapid cellular turnover helps protect the skin,
decrease dark spots and prevent skin from sagging.

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